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Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships - David Levy
Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications - MIT Press
Turned On: Science Sex and Robots - Kate Devlin

Cyborg Manifesto - Donna Haraway


Here are some interesting articles I found during my research that cover the fringes of the sex robot conversation. Most research discusses whether or not sex robots will be accepted, and peoples attitudes towards them ("Is having sex with a robot cheating?" etc). The following articles were some of my favorites as they push new narratives within sex robot research (see also DiNucci and Adshade's chapters in the book from MIT Press above).

New Materialist Perspectives on Sex Robots. A Feminist Dystopia/Utopia? - Tanja Kubes
∙ A queer positive perspective on sex robot technology that asks what it would mean for feminists to take over the means of production, while also framing sex robots within Object Oriented Ontology framework.

Sex Care Robots: Exploring the potential use of sexual robot technologies for disabled and elder care - Adam Poulsen & Eduard Fosch-Villaronga
∙ Goes through existing sex robot models and pairs them with the medical conditions they would best serve. Also outlines existing sex care programs in Europe that sex robots might be incorporated into.

Cybersecurity, value sensing robots for LGBTIQ+ elderly, and the need for revised codes of conduct - Adam Poulsen & Eduard Fosch-Villaronga
∙ A fascinating study examining how elderly adult LGBTQ+ users have differing needs from their hetero counterparts, how to design systems that recognize and value those differences, and a discussion on how the healthcare community is fraught with cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Love dolls and sex robots in unproven and unexplored fields of application - Oliver Bendel
∙ This article covers many new possibilities for sex robots, including military deployment (to temper horniness for overseas soldiers), and a discussion on the limitations faced by academic researchers.

Ethical and Legal Implications of Sex Robots: An Islamic Perspective - Yusuff Jelili Amuda & Ismaila Tijani
∙ A 2013 article that sincerely weighs the legality of sex robot intercourse and ownership in respect to Islamic law and Muslim social conventions.

Sex Work, Technological Unemployment and the Basic Income Guarantee - John Danaher
∙ Danaher has written a ton on sex robots. This is an "oldie but goodie" I have a fondness for that discusses the future of sex work and the argument for a Universal Basic Income.

Teledildonics and Rape by Deception - Robert Sparrow & Lauren Karas
∙ So sci-fi. Outlining ten crimes that can be committed using Teledildonic devices, some of which are already possible today.

Robotic Marriage and the Law - Mark Goldfeder & Yosef Razin
∙ What would it take to marry a sex robot in the eyes of the law?

Otakuism and the Appeal of Sex Robots - Markus Appel et al.
∙ I didn't end up using this paper in my research, but its quirky and memorable, for that I wanted to preserve and celebrate it. For those of you who may not know, Otaku is the proper noun for 'anime nerd'.

Sex robot technology and the Narrative Policy Framework - David C. Mainenti
∙ Ok, this one was an absolute banger, but it's only for the researchers or truest of nerds. A sex robot literature review paired down with a methodology for using narratives to drive policy making.

Conference and Journal Publications

LSR 2017 - Love and Sex With Robots Conference Publication (12 Papers)

LSR 2016 - Love and Sex With Robots Conference Publication (12 Papers)

AI Love You: Developments in Human-Robot Intimate Relationships (10 Papers)