Interview Participants

Caitlin Roper
Caitlin is a doctoral candidate researching the topic of female-bodied sex dolls and robots. She is also a campaign manager at Collective Shout where she works to fight against the sexual exploitation of women and girls. She regularly speaks against the proliferation of sex robot technology

Kate Davis
Kate Davis is an award winning London-based artist and photographer, whose work focuses on sex dolls and robots. She is a member of the Campaign Against Sex Robots (recently re-branded as the Campaign Against Pornbots)
Read her article on why she campaigns against sex robots
Art: It's Nice That

Dr. Marianne Brandon
Dr Brandon is a clinical psychologist with a diplomate in sex therapy. She has conducted research on attitudes towards Sex Robots and spoken on the topic on numerous occasions.
Web Summit: Robosexual: The future of human-robot relations

Ezio di Nucci
Ezio di Nucci is an author and professor of Ethics at the University of Copenhagen. In 2017 he wrote the contributing chapter ’Sexual Rights, Disability and Sex Robots’ to Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications (2017, MIT Press) where he interrogates the ethics of providing Sex Robots to those that are severely physically or mentally impaired, which can be read here: PDF
Website: University of Copenhagen staff profile

Renderman is a sex tech hacker and cybersecurity specialist. He runs the website Internet of Dongs, where he vets sex tech products, and looks for potential security exploits. Completely unrelated but totally bad ass side note, render man became famous in the early 2010s for proving that airplanes could be hacked to the FAA.

Ryan Calo
Ryan Calo is a law and emerging technology expert that has guided US policy on artificial intelligence for the White House. He co-chairs the American Bar Association’s Committee on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and is on multiple advisory boards such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, The Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Foundation for Responsible Robotics. You can read his policy guide, Artificial Intelligence Policy: A Primer and Roadmap, here: PDF
Website: UW School of Law Staff Profile